Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Big Holiday...... Day 1

Robbie, myself, Lorelle, Ben & Chloe got away about 10 a.m. - pretty much on schedule. We saw off Aido and Chrissy before we left and headed east with an eventual turn north (remember, we are hoping to get to Brisbane) just before Camperdown. We passed, uneventfully, through the thriving metropolis of Foxhow and headed to Ballarat. It was just past Foxhow that we had our first little adventure.

I spied an orphaned, new-born lamb beside the road, so we pulled over to try to locate its mum. The only sheep in sight were a long, long way off, and this poor little critter wasn't going to last long by itself. So, we bundled it up in Ben's coat and headed for the nearest farmhouse. The farmer kindly took it off our hands, so on we continued.

After Shepparton, we needed to start planning the night's accommodation - it was clear we would have trouble getting to the next Best Western (I have a few "freebie" vouchers thanks to all the time I spend in Mt. Gambier). We diverged from our Best Western plan for one night and decided to stay at Finlay - at the Finlay Palm Motor Inn. Very nice 2 room family unit for $128. Would recommend this Motel to anyone interested; friendly service, nice room.

Ben & Chloe were really good for the entire trip. A bit unsettled at first in the Motel, but that was expected due to their excitement and strange surroundings.

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