Monday, April 21, 2008

A new chapter set to begin ........

I have resigned my job at British American Tobacco, effective on 15 May 2008. So, a new beginning, hopefully full of new challenges awaits me.

I have been unhappy in the job for some time. The constant travelling and being away from home so much (I think I have missed almost every family anniversary, birthday, event, etc. over the past two years) have been taking their toll. As a result, the quality of my work has also suffered, which was an added burden because I do like to maintain a certain standard in everything I do. So, it is time to move on. I will have a short break and will then be back with, hopefully, new part or full time work - but definately localised around Warrnambool.

I have had a great time at Rothmans/BATA and they have been very good employers over the past 14 years, so I have no negative feelings or comments to make.

Roll on the future ................

Brave Chloe .....

It isn't all that long ago that you couldn't even get Chloe to go into the aviary, what with all those wild "animals" in there.

With Ben's encouragement, however, she has started venturing in there to check out the nest, look for any chook eggs, feed the birds and repair perches, etc.

Now she even lets our friendly cockatiel, Jake, alight upon her. Jake has a fascination with hair and any adornments that one may be wearing on one's head. Chloe has beautiful, long, curly hair which Jake has obviously taken a liking to. Hope he doesn't mess it up too much as it can be quite a job combing and brushing her hair so that is does her justice.