Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Big Holiday...... Day 6

Talk about service – bacon and eggs for brekky at the Hutchy’s, then we were off and running – headed for the Gold Coast. Nice, easy trip, though Chloe was sick at one point. Not a bad effort – the first problem she has had for the entire trip.

Started hunting for accommodation when we arrived. Tried our old favourite, the “Foreshore”, but it seems (as we confirmed during the arvo) that most of the offices at the buildings close around 1pm or 2pm. Still, the old mobile phone came to the rescue on a number of occasions. Eventually got to talk to someone – price not bad but too much of a squeeze for the extra bed.

What we really wanted was ground floor, or first floor; direct access to the beach (plus a good view of the ocean) and of course, sleeping five. Tried the “Spindrift” just down the road but couldn’t get close enough to our requirements. Moved farther south, around Tugan. Three bedroom, right on the beach but too many stairs (this brought to the fore an extra requirement). Another three bedroom, really nice but couldn’t see the ocean at all. Then, two places we have stayed at before, in Tugan. The “Pacific Sands” and the “San Simeon”. Pacific Sands was by far the cheapest, but could only get third floor and too tight a squeeze. San Simeon, pretty well filled the bill. First floor, direct beach frontage, overlooking the ocean, only two bedroom but enough room for a fold-up without too much of a squeeze.

Once we had settled in and discovered that the parking space provided was all but impossible to get a Falcon into, it was off to the Woollies at Coolangatta (or Tweed Heads, not sure) for vital supplies (grog) plus a few groceries thrown in. Did the usual, for my “Gold Coast Speciality”, and bought some fresh fruit. Bought some cards so we could continue the Rummy Challenge started on the run up. Two packs, so we could play “Coo & Can” instead of plain rummy.

Ben and Chloe were pretty good at bedtime, probably because we were able to separate them; one with us and the other in Lorelle’s room. They will alternate throughout the stay.

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