Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Big Holiday...... Day 5

Did well to rise reasonably early after the very “heavy” night and set about finding “The Australia Zoo” – Steve Irwin’s love child. Helped greatly as Brian lent us his SatNav Device which led us there with few problems (Got mixed up once when I read “Do a U Turn” – figured we must have gone past it, but it was telling me to do the Yewey in about 6 km, in order to turn into the entrance).

The Zoo is pretty expensive, but as we found when we got in there, it is kept in absolutely pristine condition and the enclosures are top rate – so I guess it is money well spent.

Did all the usual stuff – had a look at the layout on their ‘safari’ bus, then saw the otters being fed. Investigated quite a few of the enclosures before a ‘pit-stop’ at the children’s playground. Jumping castle and a mini tea-pot merry-go-round. Unfortunately, Ben got eaten by a crocodile at this point, so that put a bit of a dampener on proceedings. Still, it had cost quite a lot to get in, so we thought we should push on regardless.

Saw the tail end of the main show in the Crocoseum – can you believe that name (has to be SO Steve Irwin). Real highlight wasn’t the croc at the end of the show, but the tame, yet free, cockatoos and macaws who were allowed to just fly, freely, around the entire stadium. Fantastic to watch and a great training achievement. A bit of attempted humour by the presenters left a few audience members with egg on their faces (NO, I wasn’t one of them, for a change) and that was quite funny.

Ben & Chloe patted some kangaroos – very brave of Chloe as she is normally very timid in such situations. Even braver, they both fed an elephant later on. It was getting late and kids a bit restless so we gave the tigers a miss and headed back. SatNav once again a life-saver, especially as I was running low on fuel.

Much quieter night - Dominoes Pizza (yes, of course it was thin ‘n crispy), a few ales and a relatively early night.

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