Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Big Holiday...... Day 7

Our first full day on the Gold Coast. Up reasonably early – at least for me, that is. Last night’s shopping gave us the provisions for a good brekky, then it was down to the beach.

One added bonus of staying in this area is that it is near the Coolangatta Airport. In fact the flight-path for landings is just behind the building. We can watch the jets circle around over the ocean and then come in low, to land. They disappear behind the building next door, and then re-appear briefly, just before touchdown – so we get a really good, close-up view. Others may see this as a disadvantage, but we love it. The noise is barely discernable inside and not very loud outside. We even saw what appeared to be two Airforce trainers, flying in formation, coming in to land. As you will see from the photo, it’s a bit like September 11th – look at the top, right-hand corner of the building.

On the way to the beach, I organised a different parking space and the family inspection of the pool took place. Might take the opp if it arises to try to get some swimming lessons in for the kids.

Ben, without stretching the truth, took to the waves like the proverbial duck to water. Chloe started off pretty well, but got knocked over by a wave, so that was the end of her paddling.

On the way back, it was sand-castle time. Chloe had a fairy princess castle, while Ben had a racing car in the sand. Spent a good hour-and-a half on the beach – a real hit. Even Robbie had a paddle, but ankle deep was plenty for her.

For lunch, I cut up the fresh fruit we got last night. Cold, crisp and fresh – absolutely fantastic. Pineapple, paw-paw (our least favourite – give it a miss next time), strawberries and water-melon. Did the rubbish run to the chute outside and then it was back down to the pool. I actually had a swim, but the old trunks, which hadn’t been worn since our last trip north, gave way. Luckily, for everyone, I was wearing jocks as well. Ben & Chloe loved the pool, especially the “hot”, shallow tub at one end. Couldn’t get Rob into the water. After my swim, I expected the Whale Rescue Unit to turn up, but nothing eventuated.

A bit of a victory – ah, but bitter sweet. Visited local IGA type supermarket and then found an internet outlet. Able to hook up on wireless and thought, beauty, process my e-mails and update the blog. Able to receive e-mails but couldn’t send any. When we got back to the unit, Lorelle discovered that if she held her laptop up, in one corner of the balcony, she could get a wireless signal – and it wasn’t a secure connection. But, same story – able to do some things, but not able to send e-mails. So, will have to find a suitable and comfortable connection so I can do that – and update the blog.

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