Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Marr Fountain - or the Perfect Storm ......

Clouds Looking Ominous
Had a huge storm come over the area earlier today.  If we were living in mid-USA, I would have been really worried as it looked at some times like the perfect precursor to a tornado.  But, here in downtown Allansford; rain, hail, lightning & thunder were the most likely outcomes.

Park Blanketed with Rain
When it did eventually pour down, it was a beauty.  Certainly tested out the drainage system in the Park.  Later investigation showed just how big the main pipes are here - thankfully.

That She Blows! Fountain Glory
We do, however, have one unique feature, but only it would seem during VERY heavy rain.  We have our very own fountain!  There is a small opening in the drain that comes from and under our house, as it leads down to the main storm water drains.  It's on the lower side of the site, actually located where the curbing meets the road, so we don't even have to worry about it causing any damage.  We have named this The Marr Fountain - yeah, I know, neither original nor fancy.  But, that's what it is called.

We love the rain, and even the sound of heavy rain on our tin roof - now we have something else to look forward to.  Such simple souls, we are!  Just as I was typing this, there was a clap of thunder so close and loud that it shook the house.  Amazing!  Fantastic!