Friday, August 04, 2006

Photo Retouching

Earlier in this blog, there is a picture taken of the wetlands near home - there was a signpost in the foreground that really annoyed me. Well, daughter Lorelle who is preparing to embark on a "Photo Retouching" venture of her own, took the picture and expertly removed the post.

You can see in the reproduction at top, right which shows what I mean. Lorelle has just started developing her own website which is under construction, but does show a great photo re-touch she has done featuring Ben & Chloe in 'pixie' type poses using composites and parts of various other pictures. A smaller example is shown here to the right.

The retouched wetlands, shown left, shows how that pesky post has been removed. I have zoomed it as far as possible using a variety of graphics programs, and I'm damned if I can see where the signpost was. Congratulations to Lorelle on an extremely pleasing effort. (Although she hasn't sent me the bill yet).

You can also contact Lorelle via E-mail and she will be happy to discuss costs, timings, etc. for any special projects you may have in mind.