Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bang, crash on the highway ........

Had in interesting trip home from Warrnambool the other day.

Nearing the Bunnings intersection, where a new speed/red light camera has been installed, I was following a white Commodore station-wagon.   Roads a little wet & greasy, so was keeping "the distance".  Well before the intersection, he braked and started slowing - the way he drove made it obvious that he was concerned by the presence of the camera.  This meant that the distance between us narrowed somewhat, so I baegan slowing.  Then, when he was virtually "on" the intersection, the lights changed to amber - so he braked hard and stopped.  Fortunately, because I was already adjusting my speed, and his reaction was not unexpected, I was able to pull up in time (just!).
However, the same cannot be said for the car behind us - a little Mazda (not sure of model).  Next second, tremendous bang in the rear and we were collected.

At the first available opportunity, we pulled into the side street to inspect the damage and exchange the usual details after such a coming together.  The Mazda was pretty banged up in the front - bonnet bent and twisted, lights & fittings smashed.  Lo & behold, hardly a scratch on our little Rio.  No repairs or panel-beating required.  Have ended up pretty proud of the "little red racer" for withstanding such a hit with no visible damage to be seen.

Makes you think, though.  If the speed camera was NOT there, the accident would almost certainly NOT have happened.   A classic case of a road safety measure being the principle cause of an accident.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Activity on the new Mansion ..........

At last, we have some activity on the construction of the new Marr Mansion.  It's not much, but at least it is a start.  Robbie is finally beginning to believe that it just might happen.

It's just four pegs in the ground at this stage, but they do delineate the boundaries of the block - re-affirming that there certainly will not be much yard to maintain, especially once we get our 3m x 2.4m shed in place.  It does confirm, happily, that it is most unlikely that there will be sufficient space between us and the road behind for any sort of camping activity by visitors.

As things progress, I will keep the blog updated.