Friday, February 17, 2017

Love is in the Air .......

Fischer's Lovebirds
Before Christmas, a regular "camper" at the Park dropped in and said he breeds Red Rump Parrots, and had too many - would we be interested?  Of course, we said, and figured that would be the last we would see of him.

This, however, gave me the idea of perhaps getting a pair of birds for Robbie, for Christmas.  When we were sussing out some other things at the local Pets Domain outlet, I noticed they had two Fischer's Lovebirds for sale.  I didn't do anything at the time, but the week leading to Christmas went back.  Since they were still available, I bought them and arranged for them to be picked up Christmas Eve.

Pair of Red Rumps

This all went well, so from Christmas Day onwards we have two lovely, gregarious, noisy Lovebirds in the aviary.  Robbie loves them especially since they are typical of that variety - lots of personality.

Male Red Rump
Then, about a week after Christmas, he who we figured wouldn't see again lobbed with a pair of Red Rumps.  The male is an Opaline variation and the female probably similar but with more green in her feathers.  These settled in quickly and are confident enough to hold their own with the typically aggressive Lovebirds.  They really "complete" the menagerie and we figure that probably eight birds we now have are enough for the area.  All of the birds are great whistlers and there is a constant chatter coming from the aviary - very pleasant when we are sitting in the sun room out the back.