Saturday, February 20, 2010

Downsizing has begun .........

Had our first garage sale today. Follows on from our first skip to get rid of rubbish.

Sale was quite successful; getting rid of a number of the larger, hard to get rid of items that we don't want to take with us - birdcages, trailer, wheelbarrow and our 6 foot fish tank (see earlier postings).

This has led to the first "casualties" of our reduction policy. Had to find a new home for the fish (only three, but they are a fair size). Plans to sell the two-foot tank were abandoned. This was set up and the fish successfully transferred. Although we won't be moving to a house that is much smaller than where we currently are, the same cannot be said for the fish.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bring on World Cup 2022 .....

Chloe attended her first Soccer Training run on Saturday, 13 Feb morning.  She has been as keen as mustard to get into the action.  Rarin' to go all week.  She tried on Ben's old Rangers uniform and that was enough to get her all ready for the action.  She even wanted to wear it to school the next morning.

Saturday morning she was a little shy and stand-offish, but this soon disappeared once she got into the thick of things.  Did well in the various training drills, but it was the match practice that she was waitng for.  Quite a warm morning and in spite of her love of running and all things sporting, she did tire a bit - it was actually quite a long session.

Although not in the match, we did manage to get a video of her scoring a goal in one of the training drills.  Well done, Chloe!