Monday, May 01, 2006

First the Series .. Now Chloe is a Slider

Took Ben & Chloe to the local playground on Sunday - Lake Pertobe in Warrnambool. Chloe showed uncommon bravado after a short while and decided she would try out all the slides - of which there are a few.

First she tried theClick to Enlarge twisty pipe style slide, which was surprising as it appears quite dark inside when viewed from the top. Then she tried it again - about 20 times, laughing & giggling all the way down,Click to Enlarge around, up again and so-on. This was only spoiled when some older kids (I should say idiots, actually) started muscling in on the action by climbing up through the slide and propping in the middle. Unfortunately, I had neglected to bring a bomb with me, so we moved on.

Then she tried a couple of the larger, longer slides. Really didn't expect this, but she loved it, as long as Grandma was waiting at the bottom for her. Click to EnlargeClick to EnlargeClick to EnlargeBen joined in, too and they took turns, with him waiting patiently at the top to let her finish each slide.

Click to EnlargeFinally, she turned to the twisty slide and really enjoyed that. She was sliding down on her bottom, her tummy and her back - giggling the whole time.Click to Enlarge There were some more older idiots on this slide, too. They kept getting in the way and interrupting others as they slid down - you can see one of them to the left. This jerk just stayed at the bottom of the slide the whole time and no amount of cajoling could get him to move.

Just before leaving she decided to have a little spell, so it was the dolphin rocker for her. It was apparent, however, that while relaxing, this wasn't as much fun as the slides.Click to Enlarge
Then off home to mum & dad and our hectic week-end was over.