Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Final Word on the "big flood" .........

Okay, so it wasn't really a big flood around these parts a few weeks ago - but the river certainly threatened to threaten.

Have now measured with the water back to 'normal' levels.  May not sound much, especially when compared to the incredible rises they get up North, but our little stretch was running at a level of 2.7 metres above normal.  Given that the river widens out considerably at Jubilee Park, that's a hell of a lot of extra water passing us.  Most local opinion is that it's the highest level in living memory.

The good thing is that it still had a long way to go before it would have posed a problem to the Caravan park - so we are reassured by that.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

There goes the diet ..................

We are discovering all sorts of ways in which living in a Caravan Park can have advantages (so far, haven't found any disadvantages), however, the latest innovations by Park Management are certainly not conducive to good dieting.

On the weekends during the busiest periods (the Park is now relatively quiet and empty, and will no doubt stay that way until Labour Day weekend or Easter) we have had regular visits from a number of vendors plying their trade, to their and our benefits.

We have had the "coffee Man" who sets up and sells the usual fare in coffee to anyone needing their caffeine fix.  The usual array of styles and flavours are available, so you can satisfy whatever craving you may have at the time.

The "Spud Caboose" has been dropping in selling baked potatoes, hot dogs, etc.  He has been a little inconsistent with his visits; not calling in at advertised times and sometimes setting up outside those times - so he can be a little difficult to catch.  It has certainly cost him some business with us due to these irregularities.

My favourite, of course, has been the Ice Cream Van.  Beautiful, flavoured soft-serve in a waffle type cone.  I can heartily recommend the boysenberry from among the many, many flavours on offer, including strawberry which Robbie loved.

As well as these weakenders, a local butcher comes through a couple of times a week and you can buy direct from him.  A local baker also visits so fresh baked bread is always on the go.

Aaaah, it's a difficult situation - but someone's gotta do it.