Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nearly there .....

No photos of the Villa this time - but a lot of work has been done since the last report; photos wouldn't do it justice,

Painting is all but finished and the carpets are in.  The electrician is back on site to finalise the wiring and installation of appliances, etc.  Nearly all of the internal blinds and drapes are fitted.

Concrete slabs for the driveway, entrance path, pergola and shed are organised, and we have ordered the shed (3m x 2.26m colorbond).  Have organised to have it erected professionally when it arrives.

Final inspection is set for next Friday, 22nd October and we'll be moving in on Wednesday, 27th.   After that it's just a matter of settling in and enjoying the new environment.

Have finalised all the connections/disconnections, etc with the only problem being Austar - they can't seem to get their heads around the fact that we are moving into a caravan park but living in a private house on its own block.  This one may prove to be a bit messy, but we'll get there sooner rather than later I would think.  We don't have to worry about electricity or water connections as they are already connected via the internal networks at the park.

Once we move in it's just a matter of buying a couple of full HD digital TV's and getting all that up and going.  The phones and Internet connections are being handled by the Warrnambool Telephone Company, so they shouldn't present any problems.