Tuesday, November 03, 2015

I've Got Wheels - Look out World .....

Finally have done something positive about my mobility problems.  We've bought an electric scooter.  Little ripper it is!  Light enough to easily lift it into and out of the car (it just fits).

Scoots along at quite a rate (Should I wear a helmet?).  Robbie says she is going to get L-plates to put on it.  As for me, well I'm trying to source some racing stripes and a spoiler for the back.  Have already been out, terrorising the local neighbourhood.  Park Management has issued an alert to all residents to watch out and to be afraid, very afraid.  Think I'll also add a bull-bar to the front as well.

On the serious side, it should make a world of difference to me, allowing me to get around with much greater freedom and purpose.