Thursday, January 04, 2007

Inventing a better mousetrap .....

Daughter Lorelle gave Robbie an "automated" vacuum - not the robot type, but one that just sits in the corner and you can sweep things up to it, and voila, it sucks it all up. Somewhat novel, but it works well - at least until the other night.

We were awoken several times (its one fault is that it's a bit loud when operating) when the unit went into vacuum mode. Investigations didn't reveal any cause, although maybe a mouse or large spider wandering past might be the culprit.

Same thing happened the next night with investigations not revealing anything.

We were sitting at the table this afternoon when it went off again. Hadn't noticed anything but when I checked the "hopper", lo and behold there it was - a little mouse had been sucked up into the bowels of the unit. Of course, I wasn't allowed to feed it to Stanley (our pet python - over 2.4m long) so had to release it outside. Hopefully, it won't be back tonight disturbing our slumber.

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