Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tamberrah Cottage Getaway in Gippsland ........

We finally got away for a small break recently - and had a ball, in spite of mobility problems.  Took up one of those Travel Auctions deals and spent a few days at Tamberrah Cottages in Tambo Upper in the Gippsland (in between Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance).

Very relaxing, great facilities, service and accommodation.  It met or exceeded every one of our expectations.  Comfortable, roomy cottage, beautiful surrounds and a picture perfect restaurant - in a windmill style with large water wheel capping off the large, trout-filled pond.

Basically spent our time re-tracing steps taken in the past, reliving memories from previous trips to the area.  Dined in the restaurant each evening, so there was no pressure to find and travel to other eateries in the area (Bairnsdale being the nearest).

First day was a day trip to Mt. Hotham.  What a picturesque drive as you wing your way up the mountain from Omeo, through Dinner Plain and on to Hotham.  No snow, of course, but great scenery all the way.  Stopped in at Dinner Plain for lunch - very enjoyable (egg & bacon savoury muffins).  Having never spent any real time there was really surprised by the level and density of development when you drive through the "back roads" of the place.  Then it was on to Mt. Hotham, once again a very developed area.  Great views.  We returned via a back road to Cassilis and bought some nice reds at the Ensay Winery. Then continued down to Metung.  Robbie wanted to see if we could locate the site of the old hot springs that we visited years ago with Adrian and Lorelle - this we succeeded to do, very little remains apart from a sign marking the spot.  A most enjoyable day was capped off with a great meal in the restaurant - they seem to specialise in pizzas, but on certain days (only open from Wed to Sun) a more varied menu is offered.

Second day we decided to head east.  Took a back route to Lakes Entrance and then went in search of Burnt Bridge - one of our old haunts from years ago, and the only place I have ever been able to catch large bream).  The road is a real bone shaker and when we got there, great disappointment. The bridge is gone!   And, it was a double bridge, at that - I used to fish off the older, lower span, not open to traffic.  We continued on and had a squiz at Marlo, Cape Conran and Bemm River - all nice, little seaside towns.  Robbie could remember seeing a place called Cabbage Tree Creek from past holidays, but couldn't remember where it was, thinking it was probably somewhere out our way, in the West.  So we found it, not in the West, but between Cape Conran and Cann River.  Then back to the cottage and a great pizza for dinner after buying some nice whites at Tambo Lower Winery.

On the return journey home, we stopped off to visit Robbie's aunt - Aunty Minnie - the last surviving member of her Aitken/Campbell side of the family, aged in her 90's.  She is an incredibly spritely person, you could be forgiven for thinking she was only in her 60's.

We topped and tailed our trip by staying with Adrian and Chrissy in Brunswick, so that minimised the driving to and from the Tamberrah Cottages.

Would certainly recommend the Cottages to anyone wanting a comfortable, relaxed stay in that area.