Monday, November 27, 2006

Pampered pooch

Our little chiahauha, Mickie, is a very pampered little pooch. Not only does he usually get a nice cooked breakfast, gets to sleep in a nice bed in the laundry but gets the special grooming treatment from the Vet.

He's just recently been there for a manicure, hairdo and to have his ears cleaned out (wonder how much it would cost for me?). Tell you what, not even a diva at an upper class hair stylist gets it this good. Not quite sure of the end result though - maybe a little bit poofy! I think the little red ribbon should go.

Fowl business

We have become sick of the chooks (and we only have two) crapping all over the place, especially on the patio's concrete floor. So, I have taken things into hand and built a chicken run. This will also double as the guinea pig house for the one and only guinea pig we have. They should have plenty of room and the place will be much tidier.

Noorat Show

Mum, GP, Grandma, Ben & Chloe all had a day out at the Noorat Show on the 18th. Got there about 11a.m. and stayed for a bit over four hours. Weather fairly warm, but everyone survived really well. Lots to do and see - quite a good, little country show.

Started with a few rides and interests for the kids - keep them happy. Mostly nice, sedate stuff like the ferris wheel, jumping castle/slides and pig train ride. Don't want to get them too hyped up, early in the day. If the youngsters have a good day, everyone has a good day - and we all know the opposite situation.

Had a combination of rides, seeing the various exhibits. A bit of lunch (Rob & I even shared a cold Crownie). A camel ride (but not for the "oldies"). Couldn't get Lorelle & Ben away from the dodgems for a while. Not sure who was the worse/better driver, but they both seemed to enjoy the crashing and banging (and that was just walking along, getting there). Chloe would have loved to get into her own car and to rip up the track, but we thought it might be a bit 'scary' for her - probably right.

Finished as we started with a ferris wheel ride for Ben and more slides for Chloe. Then a relax back at home - what little angels!

Ben then finished off a really big day by going to the Monster Trucks at the showgrounds at Warrnambool with dad.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Chopper Update

I've got $175 pledged so far but am still looking for more. My target is $350 so I am about half way there.

This is a pic of 5 of us that are all working hard to raise funds. Feel free to ask us for a request (but there is a price attached).

We are thinking of doing a naked calendar and selling it at an extreme premium. Personally signed of course. There has to be a market for 5 hunks like us to be able to sell our perfectly formed bodies.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Chopper Eat Your Heart Out

Okay .... So i'm taking part in 'Mo-Vember' to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research. This is 10 days in to the month and if any one wants to help with some sponsorship don't hesitate to get in touch.

I want an exceptionally large donation from the old's by the way as that's the least they can do for all those years of poor parenting .... :-)

As a side note: I really am much more attractive than it looks like in the picture !

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cup Day blues

Had the usual festive Melbourne Cup day - chicken, prawns, champers and some punting. The 'blues' were definately on me as I couldn't get a collect all day with my trifectas - managed a 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the last but as we all know, may as well have been the last three home.

Robbie capped off a successful spring campaign though, having had a good win Caulfield Cup day. She had three good wins, including the Cup winner (completing the Caulfield-Melbourne Cup double) - winning over $150, enough to easily cover my pathetic efforts.

Lorelle and Chloe joined us. I know Ben would have loved to be here too, but he had school - not getting a holiday here in the country. I guess the excitement was just too much for them as evidenced by the picture of them relaxing between races. Chloe, did, however find some mischief to attend to. Helping me to organise the prawns and bacon appetizers, she clearly decided that the only way we might make a profit from the afternoon would be to go out and rob a bank or two - Ned Kelly style.

Nosey neighbours ....

Started mowing the back yard on Saturday and noticed some activity from the block behind. A bit of scraping and a few thumps - thought we might be under attack.

Fears were soon allayed when it became clear that it was just a couple of bousterous bovine sticky-beaks having a peak over the fence. Maybe they could smell the aroma of the freshly cut grass and thought a feed was in the offing as I usually empty the catcher over the fence.

Or, with the weather starting to warm up, perhaps they were they just hoping to catch a glimpse of Robbie sun-baking nude in the back yard. That would really make their eyes pop (and, no, I don't have any photos of this - at least not that I am prepared to show publicly).