Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Big Holiday...... Day 8

The big day has finally arrived – off to our first theme park. Sea World!

Got away at a reasonable hour and took our first, tentative steps inside. Had a quick look at the dugong display & aquarium and then got a general idea of the layout by catching the monorail. This led to Ben & Chloe wanting to get to the playgrounds they saw as soon as possible – if not sooner.

By this time, however, Lorelle as well as Chloe were getting hungry (the most common comment we’ve heard so far this trip is Chloe saying “I’m hungry”). The food was reasonably good if a little expensive (aren’t these things always overpriced at such places?). A couple of seafood baskets and a chicken & chips – nearly 40 bucks. While we were eating these, the water skiing show was on so that formed an interesting distraction.

Next stop was the playground. An aeroplane ride, merry-go-round, helicopter rescue and big truck train kept everyone busy and entertained for quite a while. Next door was one of those fountains that spouted water upwards from the ground and also down and about from the top. So, a quick change for the kids and they frolicked in that for a while. This whet the appetite for the main water play area, so it was off in search of that. A bit of rain at this point, but not a great problem as it wasn’t too cold.

The water here wasn’t as warm, but they were still wet from the fountain. Water cannons, slides and general wading & running all came under close scrutiny and testing. Chloe, who was quite tentative in the waves out front, was very keen and Ben, as usual, just loved the water. We overstayed this attraction and missed the dolphin show, but when you’re on a good thing, stick to it.

Chloe wanted to spend more time at the playground, so Ben & I went on the GIANT ferris-wheel. I don’t like heights, so Ben probably handled this one better than GP. Got some great shots from way on high. We then joined the others and finished our day in the playground.

That is, apart from a couple of souvenirs on exit from the park. Had hoped to get time to go to an internet café to try to get the e-mails working and the blog updated, but it was getting too late and dark. And, we just made it, as the rain pretty well set in just after we got back to the car.

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