Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Big Holiday...... Day 4

Got away from Moree fairly early. A pretty uneventful drive until we got to Brizzy and had to find Brian & Marion’s place.

Had a pleasant stop at a little town about two hours after leaving Moree – can’t remember its name. Cuppa tea and a good little playground, so we stopped there about half-an-hour. Took the Warwick path to Brisbane and got there in plenty of time.

Decided I would just drive along the Ipswich road until we got close to the City when I would call Brian to get directions. As it turned out, we had to make a toilet stop for Chloe, so stopped at a Safeway (sorry, Woollies). Got brief directions from Brian, but he suggested we call Marion “who is much better at such things”. Chatted to a ‘local’ about how to get back to the Ipswich Hwy – unfortunately, he missed one vital turn that needed to be made, so we got completely lost. A friendly service station got us back to the highway, and from there it was easy to follow Marion’s directions (she IS much better at such things!!).

Really great night – Rachel and her daughter Sylvie were also there. We all drank far too much red but managed to steer our way to the respective bedrooms without too much trouble (a pin-ball player would have been proud of the way we navigated).

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