Sunday, March 31, 2013

Strange Creatures in the Park ......

Had a couple of animal sightings recently - oh, sometimes you do wish you owned a gun.

Firstly, some silly cow was seen perambulating around the Park.  We've all heard, I am sure, of why some roads seem to meander in random directions, at seemingly random places.  Haven't?  Well, they say that years ago, cows used to walk along the paddocks in such a fashion, wearing a permanent track there-in.  When it came time for a pedestrian pathway, and ultimately a roadway, why, we just followed the old cow track.  This cow has obviously found a better means of transport, and the roadways are already built.

Today, Easter Sunday, we had the obligatory Easter Bunny do his/her rounds through the Park.  This one was pretty lazy, though, and needed a ride in order to carry the chocolate goodies and get round the Park.  All the little tots, and not so little ones, were enthralled  and took this advantage for some free treats.  Yours truly was too busy organising a camera for the "bunny shoot", so missed out completely.  Must remember to definitely have the gun next year.

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