Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is this Global Warming?

Finally, a cool day - the first one for the better part of a fortnight.  In fact, as I write this entry, it is actually raining.  Not much - very light - and won't last long, but it is an almost forgotten scenario this year.  With the exception of one day, we have only had 21mm since January 1st (16mm on the 31st, January, so obvioulsy very little on the other 71 days.

To demonstrate just how dry and hot March has been, below is a table showing the daily maximum temperatures (no point in including rainfall as this has been zero every day)

FridayMarch 1st24.8°C76.6°F
SaturdayMarch 2nd30.5°C86.9°F
SundayMarch 3rd31.9°C89.4°F
MondayMarch 4th36.9°C98.4°F
TuesdayMarch 5th39.9°C103.8°F
WednesdayMarch 6th38.0°C100.4°F
ThursdayMarch 7th35.8°C96.4°F
FridayMarch 8th40.6°C105.1°F
SaturdayMarch 9th37.7°C99.9°F
SundayMarch 10th31.4°C88.5°F
MondayMarch 11th39.6°C103.3°F
TuesdayMarch 12th40.3°C104.5°F
WednesdayMarch 13th29.0°C84.7°F

On the old scale (or, the way those backward Americans express temperature  - °F) that is five days in excess of 100°F and that's not even including a 99.9°F and two others in excess of 98°F.  Whew, that must have been why it's seemed so damn hot.  Can't wait for our next power bill, should be a doozy given the number of hours the air conditioner has been running; which reminds me, time to clean the filters!

Certainly the hottest and dryest spell since I started monitoring the weather here.  Mayber, we'll get the mother of all winters to make up for it.

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