Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mark Weber - Your Days are Numbered

The long weekend (ninth consecutive day over 30°C, including a run of six over 35°C) has meant that we have entertained Lorelle and the grandees, making use of the hairy-conditioner for a bit of relief.

One of the newer facilities at the park is peddle-powered cars (more like racing cars, in looks, at least).  Next stop, formula one, where at least you don't have to provide your own power.

Gave them a bit of a nudge today (well, at least Ben & Chloe did - younger, fitter legs than me).  Even though the Park is quite crowded over this long-weekend, there are plenty of safe, internal roads that can be navigated.  A vehicle is available for the princely sum of $5 per half-hour, so they were able to get a good go.

A fun time was hade by all.

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