Saturday, June 02, 2007

Signal - At LAST!!!!!

The whole time we've been on the Gold Coast, we have been struggling, trying to find signal. Found a couple of internet cafes - the closest didn't work very well and one that is perfect is a bit far away.

We get weak signal from the balcony on our unit, but e-mail is a problem, and you need to be a gymnast to get anything even remotely workable. Then, I had this bright idea - try from the roof where there is a spa/sauna setup. But couldn't get onto the roof area as maintenance was being carried out.

Another bright idea - why not try the picnic tables next to the pool area? EUREKA!!!!!!! 100% signal strength and e-mail works perfectly. So, I'm currently reasonably comfortable at a table in the BBQ area and punching out this drivel, uploading pictures, sending & receiving e-mails, etc

Aaaaaahhhhhh, the world is indeed, a truly wonderful place.

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