Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Big Holiday...... Day 16

Last morning at the San Simeon. Got everything into the car (boy you wouldn’t want to try to get anything else in the boot – reminds me of the last scene in the ‘Mr Creosote Man” Monty Python sketch). Tossed out a few foodstuffs, dropped off the keys and away we went.

Have decided to take the coastal route, through Sydney then link up with the Hume, finally cutting across to Bendigo and home from there.

Good trip all the way. Lunch at Coffs Harbour and on to Taree where we are availing ourselves of Best Western hospitality again. About 530 kms today, so tomorrow we plan an easy trip through Sydney (hopefully I can take the correct turn-offs to go over the Bridge) and then finishing at Goulburn which is already booked.

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