Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Big Holiday...... Day 17

Well and truly got the Gold Coast behind us now – next stage is Taree to Goulburn, via Sydney.

Uneventful trip for the most part – that is until Sydney. Now, I’ve done this trip, through Sydney and on to the Hume a number of times. But this time, I wanted to go over the bridge. Successfully negotiated that bit but I’ve got to say the signposting in Sydney is a load of shit.

Combination of coin fed tolls and I don’t know how many e-tag tolls were required to negotiate the north to south journey. I guess I’ll know when the fines for non payment of tolls arrives in the mail, because I’ve got no idea where the tolls started and finished. A couple of wrong turns due mainly to the crap signage (you get a warning of where to go about the same time as you’ve got to be madly changing lanes to make the exits; and in medium traffic levels it means the turn is missed and you’re fucked). Did get introduced to a heap of tunnels as we were trying to get back on track.

Still, it did mean we got to go over the Anzac Bridge which was a treat in itself. Around the airport, same thing. Only this time it was much more difficult getting back on track. Followed my nose and figured if I got back to the Terminal area the sign posting should lead me back to the M5, or Hume Hwy (31) and ultimately on to Goulburn. This turned out to be the right tack and we were on the right way again.

Getting hungry by this stage and running short on petrol, so took the Campbelltown exit. Red Rooster first attempt, but stank to high heaven due to fresh paint and toilets not available, so on to Maccas. Then, searched in vain for a Shell, eventually tried a Mobil but the site was ‘shut down’. Across the road to a Caltex where you have to pay first before filling up – first experience of this. No big deal, just gave them my fleet card while I filled

Pretty good run from there. Sitting in motel now (Best Western A Trappers Inn), post dinner which was disappointing. Room however (2 bedroom) is excellent.

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