Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Big Holiday...... Day 10

Another big day – time for our trip to Movie World. Got away reasonably early, thanks to the fact that I was ripped out of bed at an ungodly hour, so was able to make brekky for Ben & Chloe and myself while the women showered.

First stop was the Tandy at Pacific Fair – the 1Gb XD card Lorelle had bought wouldn’t work in her camera (they worked fine in mine, so I didn’t care). Then it was off to Movie World.

Once we arrived, it was difficult to get to any of the attractions – so many shops in the way. Worked out some of the things we wanted to buy before we left and then tried the Hi-5 shop to get a DVD of Chloe dancing with the Hi-5 team. Unfortunately, she got a bit of stage fright, so that turned out to be a fizzer. Still, no cost as a result.

Then we hit the Looney Tunes park. There was a river tour, speedy Gonzales cars, tweety bird ride, a train and a rocket ship. The river tour really freaked out Chloe so that wasn’t a huge success. A lot of time was spent on the other rides; Chloe loved the train and Ben, the cars and the rocket ride. Must say, Movie World, at this stage was very disappointing – two of the rides were out of commission and the cars were only running at about half capacity. And, as we were to discover, there really wasn’t anything else for the younger kids.

Had a lunch break – food about the same standard and price as Sea World – expensive and not very nice. Caught the Grand Parade which Ben & Chloe enjoyed. Ben had his photo taken with a couple of Happy Feet penguins and then we started to head out.

Ben and I tried the Shreck 4-D movie on the way to exit. Special effects really great, but after about five minutes, Ben was feeling a bit queezy so we ducked down and made for the exit. He didn’t do too badly, because the effects were quite dazzling and unusual – too much for such a young mind, I guess. Definitely recommend it for older folk.

At this point I was longingly looking at the Superman roller-coaster so Rob & Lorelle put me under pressure by insisting we had time for me to try it. (I have previously been on the Lethal Weapon ride, so that didn’t really interest me.) A couple of false starts due to the requirement that you do not carry any loose items (including glasses) on the ride, and away I went. Lorelle on the ground with video camera, hopefully to catch the full glory of my momentous ride.

I should have known what to expect given all the warnings and precautions called for by the attendants. Then I was off. I’ve got to say this was the most exhilarating ride I have ever been on. If memory serves me correct, why it’s almost as good as sex, and just like sex, it was all over far too quickly. This ride, on its own is worth the entrance fee.

The drive home was rather placid in comparison. Ben & Chloe spent some time in the hot spa pool while the ladies organised their tea, etc. Now, I’m sitting here, typing this up, beer in hand – aaah, it’s a hard life, but someone’s gotta do it.

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