Monday, January 17, 2011

You just can't help the timing ......

Level at 0845am
Level at 5.00pm
Robbie & I went down to check the level of the river at 5 pm.  I reckon it has subsided by about 30cm, or one foot since this morning (see two pictures).  In the first, the post on which the Jetty floats has all but disappeared; whereas in the second, it is starting to protrude through the end of the Jetty.

However, that is not the point of this story.  On our way back, there was a Real Estate Agent (Lucas Wilson, to be exact - but I won't mention any names) showing a couple through one of the houses that is for sale on the Estate.

I imagine (just my purely evil thoughts at work) the conversation went something like this:

Agent:  "You'll love the environment here - so peaceful and quiet."

Prospects:  "Yes, it's nice to be so near the river, my husband loves fishing.  By the way, what are all those people doing down at the river's edge?"

Agent: "Oh, they are just checking on the condition of the water."

Prospects: "And why would they be doing that?"

Agent:  "Well, ah, aaaaaah, I guess they are worried that the whole place is about to flood."

As Sherwyn from 'The Big Bang Theory' would say - BAZINGA!!


Anonymous said...

The pics look the same ... maybe a shot of the same place on the shore would have been a bit easier to see the difference in ... ;-)


Smirc said...

They are very similar. With nearly eight hours between shots I didn't get the zoom setting the same in each one. Check the second picture and you'll see the pointed tip of the post protruding through the Jetty. This is not so in the first. Being a floating structure, it's a good indicator (will measure the posts when evrything is back to normal, and that way will know how many metres the river rose).

Anonymous said...

For all I know the post is just stuck becuase the pontoon is moving in the current and has been pushed through the hole .... it would be interesting to see a pic of the shoreline as it recedes, etc ... or a pic of where we fished to see how high it is.


Chrissy said...

Hee hee - they both look the same to me! I even blew them up Ian. So am going to take your word for it. I hope you are bothe safe!!