Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What goes up, must come down ......

Monday, 8.30am
The level of the Hopkins at Jubilee Park continues to fall, as evidenced by the two pictures - the first taken yesterday at 8.30am and the second taken today at about 11.30am.  You can see by the position of the pole upon which the jetty floats that the waters are definitely receding.  In case anyone didn't realise, you can see a much larger version of any picture in this Blog simply by clicking on it.  Then use the "back arrow" on your browser to return to the Blog.

Tuesday, 11.30am
Did a bit of a drive around Allansford.  A lot of the sandbagged areas have been opened up, and the S.E.S is busy collecting all the bags - no doubt for storage so they are ready to be used again, if needed.

It would seem that the pending crisis is over.

As a matter of interest, I have purchased an HD Digital Video Camera - so any future movies should be excellent quality when compared with what's available on the mobile phone.

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