Saturday, January 08, 2011

Did Santa arrive - depends on whether I was good .........

Christmas Tree & Presents
Well, the festive season for 2010 has been and gone.  We did the usual things (are we in a rut?) - Chrissy tree with all the presents scattered around underneath and a bang-up Christmas luncheon/dinner with the family with FAR too much food on hand, but we'll get through it eventually.  I know what I'll be getting for lunch for the next month.

Weather Station with Temporary Fixings
As far as pressies went, the hints I dropped obviously worked.  Main item was a weather station.  I have always wanted one of these, but have been realistic enough to know that if it needed me to check it and note the results every day, it just wouldn't get done on a regular basis.  This one is wireless and connected to the computer via USB, so all the recording and analysing is done for me.  Just wish I had it when we had the huge storms a month or so ago - would have been interesting to see if the rain gauge would have coped.  I have found a different software package - called Cumulus (these people obviously have as much imagination as I do) -  that works with the weather station but better than the one bundled with it.  It provides for an internet interface which is updated every ten minutes, so I  have just finished setting it up.  Really exciting stuff, this is, I tell you!

This means you can check out the weather here whenever you want to.  You just go to:
Check it out, you'll just be beside yourself and filled with awe, fascination and envy.

Had the usual, but not usual, New Year's eve.  Usual in that we had an "open house" for any friends to drop in.  Had a great turn-up (once everyone managed to find the house in the middle of what is currently a crowded Caravan Park).  Very pleasant company and a great night.  Unusual in that it was our first at the new house, and the Park management had put on (for the first time) a DJ with light show for the evening.  Robbie reckons they did this especially to welcome her to the Park.  This provided a great backdrop to our own celebrations.  We all wandered over there for the countdown to midnight so we could blanket the place with our sparklers.  Certainly a different New Year's eve for us.

Adrian & Chrissy are visiting for a week, so there is always something on the go.  Kermond's hamburgers for lunch is popular.  Golf, fishing and a well known blood sport called tennis.  Blood sport? I hear you say.  Well the way they play it, there is no other way to describe it.  Just to prove the point, in their last game, Chrissy pulled a calf muscle or ligament.  Had to be helped back to the house where ice-pack and bandaging didn't do much to help.  And, of course, the Gallery Nightclub (or "The Gal") will take several months to recover.

That's about it for this year's festivities, I guess.  Now just need the chance for everything to get back to normal.  Happy New Year to everyone.

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