Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who said Big Brother was finished ......

Got a surprise phone call on Thurs 15 Jan - Hughie, Robbie's eldest brother wanted to visit for a while. He arrived Saturday afternoon, having spent a bit of time with other brother, Bruce.

Sunday, we did a bit of a tour around the traps and went on the Warrnambool Boat Cruise's short voyage along the Hopkins River. Very peaceful and really shows off some of the newer developments happening along the shores of the river. Took in the breakwater and Thunder Point - of course had to locate the trotting and greyhound tracks (I think they plan to go to the dogs on Wednesday - Robbie, of course, went to the dogs years ago).

Monday, we played 18 holes of golf at the Deakin Uni course. Modesty prevents me from saying who won, but I was quite pleased with my efforts considering I probably haven't hit a golf ball in anger for five years.

He will be staying for a little while, so I can use the opportunities that part-time work provide to show him more of the sights around the district. Will probably have another hit of golf or two.

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