Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Myth-Ben-sters ............

Ben is an avid fan of Mythbusters and thought he would try out one of the Myths for himself.

He borrowed two local phone books (don't worry, I won't damage them! Yeah, sure, we thought - remembering back to when a young Adrian or Lorelle might have said something similar) Anyway, he proceeded with the labourious task of interleaving all the pages in the two books. Next step was to see if the myth was true or not.

"See if you can separate these two books" he challenged. Well, we all tried. Not even two strapping, strong adult men like Hughie and myself could get those books to even move a millimetre apart. Didn't matter how hard we pulled, no success.

Well done, Ben. MYTH CONFIRMED

Now all we need is for someone to separate them using the "un-interleaving" method. Then we can start looking up numbers again (at least I can use the white pages on the net until then)

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