Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas/New Year 2008 .........

It's been a while since I made a post to the blog, but then things have been pretty quiet. Enjoying the part-time work which is enough to keep our heads above water. This change in lifestyle has led into the Christmas period very nicely and being a quiet time of year for the type of work I am doing has meant for a very relaxed time.

Adrian and Chrissy spent the Christmas week in Perth with her family, so we had our big Christmas day on the preceding weekend. As will be seen by the photo, lots of presents, although things aren't quite what they seem - no we're not that flushed with funds that we personally bought out every store in the district. Ben & Chloe got into the spirit of things by wrapping lots of little trinkets to be given out on the day and this swelled the pile of gifts under the tree. It was a great day and just about every present hit its mark.

On the Monday, we did the usual Christmas lights tour. Much the same as past years, but still some fantastic displays that had Ben & Chloe gasping. One difference, and big improvement, was that I programmed the tour into my SatNav and then just followed instructioons (could be a first for me!). Although I know the streets fairly well, it did make things much easier, alleviating the need to constantly look for street signs - very handy given the amount of traffic that was obviously following a similar route to ours.

One of our better New Year's Eve celebrations then concluded the "season". Lorelle, Ben, Chloe, Berty Boy, Lilly, Robert (Lilly's son - boy has he grown - fair bursting out of his seams, he will have his head in the stratosphere if he gets any taller), Rod & Gwen all contributed to a relaxed, entertaining and great night. No wheel chair in sight but Lorelle opted for tricycle racing. All it needed was the Hutchies and the competition would have really been on. Wonderwoman brought things under control again and we settled back into some gentle imbibing and lively discussion. Could hear a few fireworks in the area around midnight, but didn't see any lighting up the neighbourhood.

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