Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hey Robbie Girl; the pipes, the pipes are calling ......

Work continues on the Castle.  Flooring frame-work has been completed and the plumbers have moved in.  Lot's of PVC in evidence as the various pipes are being installed.  Robbie said the pipes leading from the toilet are definitely not big enough for my requirements, but I let that one slide through to the keeper, or pumping station, whichever seems more appropriate.  She didn't think she was effluent enough for such luxuries as extra large pipes.  Gotta do something about that girl's vocabulary.

You will see from the above photo that we even captured a workman on-site - beavering away at getting plumbing things into action.  Hope they know what they're doing as wee (sorry, we) wouldn't want key pipes to fail under pressure.

Also noticed something that was a surprise - should've read the specs better, I guess.   They are also installing under-floor insulation.  Probably a legal requirement these days, but news to us.  Not complaining, mind you as it is a definite plus.

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