Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All boxed in .....

Roof frame is on and the outer "casing" mostly fitted, although the window & door holes have not been fully cut out.  From the sides and back it just looks like a fully enclosed box - but the shots from the front give a better indication.

We did find a couple of problems, though.  The internal wall between the lounge and kitchen/dining had been cut incorrectly and they hadn't allowed sufficient clearance above the lounge window for the air conditioning unit.

Both of these defects will be corrected without any problems, but I guess it's lucky we checked at such an early stage.

One other problem was encountered - but this was Robbie created.  When we went in through the "gap" that is the front door opening, she went through some temporary sheeting that had been laid in place.  Fair, a-over-t she went.  I showed my usual concern - for the house, of course.

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