Monday, July 05, 2010

Chloe, Seven years old and loving it .......

Chloe had a great 7th Birthday Party at home on Saturday - the theme for the day was Harry Potter.  Lots of decorations and Lorelle made capes, wands, balloons and take-home parcels for everyone - all in keeping with the theme.

She had many of her school friends there and they all had a ball.  Even some of the parents went away wishing they could have gotten into the spirit of the afternoon.  For whatever reason, Chloe's extended family on the Watts' side decided they weren't able to attend, but this didn't dampen her spirits at all - she was too busy having fun.

There were lots of spells cast, wands waved and general kid's party games to keep everyone interested and happy.  I'm sure she will remember her seventh for some time - well, at least until Ben's 10th or her own next birthday.  The bar has been set pretty high, so we can look forward to these with some anticipation.

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