Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas lights exhibition

Completed the usual, annual Marr family tour of Christmas lights in the district on the Thursday before Christmas Day.

This was Ben's third such excursion but it was the first time for Chloe. After having spent many years doing the same thing with Adrian & Lorelle when they were younger, Lorelle rejoined the group for this year.

Have to admit, we haven't seen Chloe quite so excited. We walked a number of Courts that had several houses lit up. It was a lovely, warm evening so conditions for getting out of the car and having a stroll were just perfect. Met Santa outside one house and he kindly posed with the kids (big & little)

Apart from the Santa, some people had added that little bit extra, such as decking out the family car to represent Santa delivering presents. This was a nice touch, even after we explained to Ben & Chloe that, "no, the presents aren't for you."

Lots of lawn furniture also featured as well as thousands of Christmas lights - which, unfortunately do not photograph real well.

All in all, it was a very pleasant outing and Chloe in particular slept soundly that night - we must have really tired her out in spite of all the excitement.

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