Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Water Feature .......

View from Sunroom
Robbie loves water features.  Over the years we have purchased various units to be placed inside - so you can hear the pacifying sound of running water throughout the house.  We even had a pond and fountain in the aviary at Ziegler Parade, so the birds could also benefit from the soothing effects of running water.

Mt. Tambourine Feature
On one of our trips North, we went to Mt. Tambourine, in the Gold Coast hinterland, where we bought a fancy wall-hanging type of cascade.  This now sits proudly in the sun room, where we occasionally fill it with water so that we can hear the sound of the running water.

Well, we no longer need to rely on that feature, or any other, for that matter.  We now have a new water feature, effectively in our back yard, that far surpasses anything we may have bought.

The Park has installed a Resort Style pool, complete with cascading mushrooms, a cave, waterfall and water slide.  The first photo, above, shows our view of it from the sunroom; the second shows a closer view from the other side.  We love it, as it certainly adds interest to our view 'out the back' - botanical gardenish most of the year, with he added bonus of the pool.

Close-up of New Pool
Chloe loves both the older, conventional pool here, but she is absolutely rapped in the new one.  She has probably been down the slide 100 times of more.

I have even tried it out - ONCE.  I had a knee operation in November, and it is just refusing to come good.  When I tried out the slide, I wrenched the knee when I hit the water and tried to turn around.  Saw my whole life flash in front of me, but did manage to get to the side where I could hang on.  The slide, like the knee operation, is something I will probably never try again.

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