Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Continuously Sunnyside Up - At Last .........

Have finally finished off a couple of projects that we were keen to do in the new Castle - weatherproof the pergola (now officially called "The Sunroom") and increase our privacy by putting up continuous curtaining in all the main rooms.

Got Apollo Patios to do the sunroom, using clear "twin wall" at each end, insulated wall materials and "zip-track" blinds to provide the finishing touches.  Wasn't cheap, but they were the cheapest quote by far.  Their communication could be improved, but apart from that, very happy with the result and follow-up.

The room is fantastic on sunny, autumn mornings - a delight to just sit and relax in the area.  It will get quite hot in summer, of course, but as we found during the last "hot" season (did we have one?) the area gets very warm anyway, and with the blinds we can raise them as needed to catch any breezes that are around.

Inside, the continuous curtaining looks great.  It adds that little bit of extra privacy when the internal blinds are up, without losing any significant external light that may be around.  Next step, in the bay window area, is to set-up a nice reading area for Robbie so she can sit and relax - with South facing windows, especially on sunny mornings.

The Castle is definitely meeting every expectation we had prior to making the decision to build, move and finally settling in.  By far the best move we have made.

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