Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The times they are a changing ..........

Yes, the times certainly are a-changing - and the Marr's are a-moving.  A big life style change in about July - August this year. We will be moving from a three bedroom house with a reasonably large yard area - to - a three bedroom brand new house on a block of land JUST a bit bigger than the house itself.

So, no more lawn mowing for me, and lovely, new fittings, carpets, etc. for Robbie.  AND, we'll be living in a housing estate within a caravan park. Location is a little bit closer to Warrnambool than where we are now - still in Allansford.  Within a one minute walk to the Hopkins River (great fishing). The place is called Jubilee Park. Quiet most of the year and hectic during the holiday periods.  It has keyed entry, a general store, swimming pool, spa, tennis court, mini-golf (badly run-down, though), playground (for Rob and the Grandees), BBQ's - the usual types of things you find in such a park.  Just need to confirm the details for getting Broadband and everything will be sweet.

We have purchased a 250 year lease (should see us out) on the land [coloured yellow on map] and have contracted Rod Stephens - a local builder - to build the house (which must "technically" be a removable house).  You can see his work here. We are building the "Samuel" model - with a few changes; such as a patio at the back, double glazed windows and modifications to the dining/kitchen areas.

We will be in 'reduction' mode for the next few months as we try to whittle down all the "stuff" accumulated over the last twenty odd years.  E-Bay and garage sales will get a hammering, no doubt.

So, we have something to REALLY look forward to over the ensuing months.  BRING IT ON, I say!

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