Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It'll All Come out in the Wash ..........

This one is entered for Lorelle - I think she has forgotten how to create new postings on the blog.

Adrian & Chrissy have moved recently, so they had a bit of a clean out. We copped a bit of stuff (which now has to be factored into our own 'reduction' scheme) and Lorelle took their front-end loading washing machine. We borrowed a trolley and when Aido was last down, proceeded to replace her old machine with this new one. Set it up nicely in the laundry (where else, I hear you ask?) and gave it a test run. Everything hunky-dory.

Well she has been using it for a week or so, then, yesterday heard this almighty shriek from Ben, who was in the kitchen, adjacent to the laundry. Well, the bloody machine had spun itself off its stand and ended up, almost splattered, on the floor.

Fortunately, she had not disposed of the old machine (which still worked - but not as efficiently as a 'good' front loader) so we got another trolley and took the now badly broken front loader out and brought the oldie (no, not Robbie) back in.

Luckily no-one was in the laundry at the time, so no real harm was done. So, the quo has been statused as at before installation of the new machine and she is still able to do the laundry.

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