Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas is for kids .......

We had a slightly different lead up to the big day this year. Adrian was going to be in Western Australia over Christmas, so we had the family get together a bit earlier than usual. Followed our normal patterns, though. All the pressies placed under the tree, and then the family gathering and present opening ritual.

Everyone seemed pretty happy with what was on offer - this year we all decided to scale down a bit to save money, at least as far as the adults were concerned. Chloe was most impressed with her doll's house/bookshelf - although I doubt it will be a tidyness 'magic bullet' (a bit too much too expect from Miss Drop-it-anywhere). Ben was absolutely wrapped (no pun intended) in a new bike (DON'T LET AIDO RIDE YOUR BIKE, BEN!) from mum and a microscope kit from Grandma & GP.

Santa still came through on Christmas morning so they picked up a few more things. Chloe very impressed with her special make-up model. They then went on to spend the day with Dad and the rest of the Watts' clan for their family celebrations.

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