Sunday, January 13, 2008

And a happy New Year was had by all ......

New Year's eve was a stinking, hot day - up around the 40 celcius mark. So we thought we would get a little wading pool so that Ben & Chloe could have a bit of a cooling romp in the back yard when they and Lorelle dropped in for the usual New Year's eve get together. Picked up a cheapie at K-Mart (it was even an extra 20% off for some reason). As you will see by the pictures, it didn't take much to set it up. What you might call "The Dehydrated Pool" - simply add water. It's actually the same as the one Adrian & Matt "sank" into the back yard for the ducks.

Along with a backyard 'shower' contraption, the pool was a real hit. Kids love water, and it doesn't even have to be hot weather. They were in and out of the pool all afternoon and into the evening. It must have been very refreshing as Chloe decided that she'd round things off with a good dancing exhibition and Ben added his bit with the air guitar - all to the accompaniement of some of Robbie's CD's - REM, Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi, etc. You get the picture and now probably sympathise with me over her choice of music.

Chloe even gathered together all her friends around the display pond so that they could watch on. Only visitor during the evening was the ever reliable Albert who joined us and saw in the New Year. It was really nice just sitting out the back, especially once things started to cool down in the evening. Only problem was the occasional mosquito - they really get stuck into poor Chloe. She ended the evening with a number of prominant red welts on her face, arms and legs. Amazingly, in one of the pool photos, we actually snapped one about to land on her cheek. Check the photo and you will see the little bugger about to set down on her right cheek.
After Lorelle and the grandies left, Albert, Robbie & I retired to the lounge and took in a bit of TV until midnight rolled around. The usual greetings for the new year, and I won the 'pinch and a punch' but as expected Robbie says this doesn't count for January. She certainly has problems with accepting defeat.

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