Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cobden Miniature Railway

Took Ben & Chloe to the Cobden Miniature railway for an outing - lots to see & do there.

They have lots of different trains to ride on with three shown at the station, but a number of others were not running at that time.
We chose the 'diesel' engine and went round the railway course - Ben, Chloe & Robbie up front where they got the best view.

There are lots of things to do there - a playground, things to climb on such as the cannon shown below, various slides and the usual fare that one finds in this type of setup, barbequeue area (under cover), plus a kiosk and some railway memorabilia for the buffs.

Safety is always a premium with a walkway over the tracks available for those daring and younger people. When there are no trains approaching, you can walk across the tracks, but need to be watchful, so using the bridge is safer. It also affords a good view of the station, as the two to the right here will testify.

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