Sunday, July 23, 2006

Chloe is THREE years old

Chloe has just celebrated her third birthday. The Marr's and the Watt's all got together to help her see in the day, in style. There was all the usual fare, with kids running all over the place plus the giving and opening of lots of presents.

The highlight, of course, was the new TRAMPOLINE - a large circular jobbie with full safety netting all round.

Chloe seems to spend most of her time jumping and skipping around (she couldn't just, simply WALK anywhere) so this seemed the ideal thing - a place where she can jump and skip to her hearts content - and do somersaults as you can see by the picture. It also allowed her to get some pretty good height on the jumps as it doesn't take long for confidence to overcome fear, especially for a strapping three year old.

Of course, everyone had their turn - Tim & Lorelle should have charged $1 per go and would have made a fortune.

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