Monday, March 02, 2015

Was it Worth the Wait? - Tomatoes Rampant .....

Following on from the last post, which detailed our newly planted garden efforts, here is the promised follow-up, showing the pleasing result.

The front flower beds have progressed a little unevenly - they are subjected to some quite wild weather and strong winds for much of the time.  The dahlias at the front have really taken off, and are displaying a wonderful array of colours and flower styles.  Really pleased with these although a little patchy is spots.  I would rate these as a success.

The front was to be alternating mixed-marigolds and white petunias.  The petunias have done okay, but the marigolds have not fared well at all, which is a surprise to us as we thought they were very hardy.  So, rather than a white and yellow feature at the front of the beds we have basically just a white feature - still, in contrast with the dahlias, this comes off quite well.

The back vegies are all about tomatoes.  These have run rampant and we find ourselves giving lots away.  The photos show the vegie bed after I had hacked into the tomatoes fairly severely, so you can imagine, hopefully, what a jungle they must have created. 

The lemon tree has Robbie worried as it has lost a lot of its leaves, but it is bearing quite a lot of fruit and these continue to grow and get larger - so hopefully everything is okay (she really wants to have a good lemon supply). 

The mandarin looks fine and is starting to flower, so it should proceed to fruit at some stage.  The chillies have all progressed and we are getting a good supply, some very hot ones, too. 

The aubergine (egg plant) has started to fruit, so we'll have to find out when they should be picked (never having had one before).  A few butter beans are also cropping, but we don't expect to get much from these.

That's about all there is to say - boring isn't it (if you have actually managed to read this far).  No more updates unless something really startling or weird crops up.

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