Monday, August 30, 2010

Thoroughly wired & insulated .....

The Castle is pretty well at lock-up stage now.

Having not built a house in recent times, we were surprised by how thorough the insulating is.  Not counting the double-glazed windows (which were an additional cost extra), the under-floor, walls and ceiling are all fully insulated using the very effective "pink batt" approach.  Everywhere we looked was insulation, so am glad we got all the pre-wiring done, as there won't be much space to run extra wires once plastering (which starts today) is completed.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the most "wired" house that Rod Stephens has built.  There are about 36 double power points; three ceiling fans; three extra sets of down-lights; four data points for computer network connections; two telephone points; external monitor cable from the computer area to the projector; sound cable from the computer to the sound system; video, s-video and HDMI cables to the projector and speaker cabling for the rear speakers in the lounge,  On top of this there are two antennae connection points for T.V.s and two Austar cables, ready for installation of the "dish" at the appropriate time.  This doesn't include the standard power points and lights throughout the house.  Pity we don't have shares in a cable-making Company.

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