Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Lights 2007 ......

Did our annual tour of the Christmas light displays again this year. On holidays for a couple of weeks, so we had a clear back seat in the car. Reminiscent of the big Queensland holiday - Lorelle in the front, Grandma in the back between Ben & Chloe. At least we didn't have very far to travel this time.

Night was a bit cold with a little rain sprinkling about, so we didn't do much walking. Mostly just surveying the sites from within the car, driving slowly past the better offerings. Did get to wander once, as testified to by the pictures.

Lorelle navigating meant that we got a pretty good run and actually saw all of the Warrnambool entries that were listed by the local paper - the Standard. Finished up around 11 pm, which of course is a bit late for the youngens, but they had a great time and were very well behaved - relaxed and happy, although Chloe was getting a bit tired by the end of the night.

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