Monday, August 20, 2007

Another visitor from over the fence ...

Up early on Sat 18th August (at least Robbie was) as we were lucky enough to be going to the Essendon v Carlton match at the G - in the Corporate Box, no less.

Slumbering quite contentedly when 'she who annoys me' announced - "There's a Koala in the chook pen". Well, my first thought was 'It's not April 1st is it?' and when consiousness started taking hold, realised, 'no, it's August something' so thought I'd better check things out.

Sure enough, there was a young koala climbing up the wire on the inside of the chook house. Warned Rob NOT to approach it and I would get dressed. Eventually ventured out and sure enough, she was in the chook house trying to do something to/with the koala, which by this stage was well and truly trapped in the corner. Some people just can't be told.

By the time I got the camera ready, it had managed to get around her and had bolted for the tree next to the chook pen. We were happy to leave it once it had escaped from the chook house and was safely up a large gum tree - and besides, we had a footy match to attend. Essendon duly, but not convincingly, defeated Carlton. By the time we got back home there was no sign of the beast. Thanks to the one-hundred gazillion candle-power spotlight given to us by Adrian, I checked out all the trees and surrounds and it was definitely gone. Probably taken off back across the back paddock to the large stand of gums a few hundred metres away.

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