Sunday, September 03, 2006

The old & the new in perfect harmony ....

The new synthetic hockey fields at Warrnambool are starting to get a real work-out - we even have Robbie up there on Wednesday nights for a run. The combination of damp evening air, and the artificial lights make photography very difficult as you can see by the photos. Rob would say, of course, that the blurring is caused by her incredible speed on the pitch. I'm not quite so sure, but for the sake of peace & harmony, I guess I'll just have to agree - at least publically, that is.

Anyway, the new facilities are absolutely fantastic - even I had a five minute run last week (sorry, no photos - thank god!)

I also took a small video of Robbie's scintillating skills, but haven't been able to upload that into the blog - as yet. Hopefully there is a way I can achieve this - still working on it.

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